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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Number 34: Add some colorful sand to my collection

I collected 7 new jars of Hawaii sand for my collection.
 First, the beach at Ho'okena, which was our first campsite.  The sand was a dull grey color.
Then, Kealakekua recreation area.  The sand was a dark grey.
 On the trail out to the green sand beach, there was alot of rusty orangish red colored sand.
 And then, of course, the famous green sand beach which is really more of an olive color from the olivine mineral in the rocks at that site.

Just as famous is the black sand beaches of Hawaii.  These are made from lava rocks that are crushed by the waves and very course and uncomfortable to walk on.

While horseback riding in Waipio Valley, I noticed alot of sand in the streams, but we couldnt get off of our horses, so I asked the guide to collect some for me.  The sand was grey.
Hapuna beach had the finest, softest sand I've ever seen.  Very light and powdery and tan colored.
Here are my samples on the shelf in my classroom, where my students have already been enjoying taking a look at them.

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