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Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Weather

We Alaskans spend alot of time talking about the weather. And for good reason...

from weather underground...
Two daily records, one broken and one matched, within first two
days of February...

The bitter cold that began in late December 2011 and dominated
January 2011 has continued into February with one cold temperature
record broken and another matched. The high temperature of 26 below
on February 1st tied the record coldest high temperature for the
date set both in 1910 and 1999. The low temperature of 38 below on
February 2d beat the old record of 37 below from both 1910 and 1914.

In fact, the record low for today February 3d has already been
matched with the temperature around 1:30 this morning falling to 37
below. The record coldest high temperature for today is 23 below.
A final record event report for today's record will be issued
Saturday morning.

Temperatures will begin warming this evening as a front approaches
Norton Sound from the south. Beyond today temperatures will likely
not pose a threat to records for awhile.

The weather here has been obnoxiously cold for about 6 weeks now. This January has crushed the previous average daily temp of -13.2 with an average daily temp this January of -17.1. I've asked a few people who have lived here their whole lives and they all tell me that the cold has never lasted this long before. Listen to this little recording to hear the specifics...brrrr.

Now here we are a few days later on Feb 9th and it has been not only above zero, but ABOVE FREEZING for 6 days in a row now. The river is a mess. The snow is melting then refreezing at night. It feels like spring!!!

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