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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Number 4: Attend a city council meeting

 This birthday goal has been on my list for 3 years running and I finally did it!!!  I dont know why I waited so long.  The city hall building is literally right across the street from my house.  Tonight I actually went to support a cause though, not just to watch.  I was there supporting the Bethel Friends of Canines organization that I've been involved with lately.
 While we were there, the city recognized a couple of Boy Scouts that had earned their Eagle Scout designation, they discussed alcohol restrictions at council sponsored events, and a new ordinance for the regulation of mines for mercury. There were a few interesting topics on the agenda and there were alot of people who spoke during the 'people to be heard' section.
Although I've listened to the city council meetings on the radio many times, I really enjoyed attending in person.  Maybe I'll do it again sometime!

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Inspiring Scent Of Rain said...

hello there. so glad to be reading your writes always. we celebrated teachers day over here yesterday. kind of like 'teachers appreciations day' back in the states i guess. well, have a good day. and happy teachers day to you.