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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Number 28: Go camping

 First, I went camping for 2 nights in the Smoky Mountains with my good friend Christy and the synchronized fireflies.  We watched a mountain light show provided by nature, we spent a day at Dollyworld, and we helped a man who had had a heart attack trying to run from a bear.

Then, I went camping for 2 nights in Vermont with my good friends Chris and Erin and a couple of dogs.  We hit a dog on the way in, nearly got knocked over by a hideaway chipmunk, ate gourmet dinners cooked over the fire, went on a hike during which I confessed to not owning a backpack, and played some cards.

Then, I spent 7 nights camping from one end of Michigan to the other with my good friend, Angie, and my brother, Avery.  We played a few games of beach volleyball, rode (and crashed) 4-wheelers on the dunes, ate lots of ice cream, got really tan, enjoyed local food/drink, saw an amphibious car, did some "hiking", climbed the sleeping bear dune, built a tent city to hang out in the rain, rode a horse carriage around a non-motorized city, and lived it up at a wedding.

Good times and a total of 11 nights in a tent!

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