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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Number 30: Play frisbee golf at a course I've never played at

This summer I looked all over for frisbee golf courses close to the places where I was visiting/travelling. I did find several, but never got a chance to play any of them because I was always so busy with friends or sometimes because it was sooooo dang hot! Finally on the second to last day of summer vacation, I made it a priority to go play a course that was down the street in Highland, Indiana. Avery, Adam, and I went to go check it out. We loaded up and got over there to find that the course did not have any baskets. The tees were marked and you where supposed to just "land" the frisbee at a certain spot sometimes near a post or a tree or some other random marker. We played a few holes, but we never really knew if we were following the course correctly or aiming at the right thing. After about 3-4 "holes", we called it quits and went to get a slurpee :)

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