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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Summer Plans

I have a whole summer of plans. I am excited to say that I am planning to spend the entire summer in Alaska. Of course, that is the plan which may or may not change depending on whether or not life (or my mother) throws a kink into things. I figure that after living here for 3 years, it's about time that I spent a summer here. Avery will, as usual, be going to spend the summer with mom, which is a bummer because there are so many amazing opportunities for students during the summer that he will miss out on. My Alaskan summer is pretty well planned out and includes alot of classes...some of which I'm taking and some of which I'm teaching. But I was sure to schedule myself a few weeks of down time to have some fun and experience the summer side of Bethel.

Summer includes 11 weeks. Our last (work)day of school is May 22 and our first (inservice)day back is August 9th. Here's the plan...

Weeks 1/2: Attend the summer science institute through LKSD (my school district). It will be focusing on physical science, which is my weaker of my two subjects, and is worth 4 credits.

Week 3: I have off. Free time, play time! Although I will probably do some prep work for my summer science camp.

Weeks 4/5: Teaching summer science camp(see this post for a description). It's going to be soooooo fun! We have planned an amazing, fun, and engaging curriculum. I cant wait.

Week 6: I have off. More free time and play time. Time to get out on the river with anyone I know that has a boat. Time to explore the summer version of the town I live in.

Weeks 7/8: Teaching session 2 of the summer science camp. Different group of kids, same curriculum so it should be a breeze.

Week 9: I have off. Free time, play time! I'll probably fly to Juneau on Wed or Thurs of this week so that I can have a few extra days to visit the city and do some touristy stuff.

Week 10/11: Attending the Juneau Art Institute. This year's theme...the Nexus of Art, Native Culture, and Science. I've heard phenomenal reviews of this institute from everyone who attends, so I'm expecting it to be good. Plus I'll get to spend two weeks in Juneau for FREE! Because of a grant that LKSD has, everything is paid for....flight, a room in the college campus dorm, the fee for the institute, even meals. All we have to pay is $100 for the 3 credits. Amazing deal! Two whole weeks focused on art and Yup'ik culture. It should be awesome! And I'm so looking forward to seeing a part of Alaska that I've never been to.

Then we start school the following monday.

Exciting. Busy. Fun.

With the two classes that I'm taking now (5 credits) plus the two institutes I'm attending this summer (7 credits). I should complete Number 23 on the birthday list: Take enough credits (12) to move over a column on the pay scale. I should also be able to get Numbers 3, 12, and 16 done this summer. Anyone want to come for a visit?

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Crystal said...

WOW! That's a busy schdule. You are always busy wheater your teaching or doing something eles. It makes the time go by faster. Love ya!