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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The mud is back, but...

I kind of like it. The mud means warmth and sunshine and going outside without 50 pounds of clothes on. The mud here is different though. The mud here is silt and sand which dries quickly and become dust. The mud here is gooey and can swallow your shoe with one wrong step. The mud here can suck you in and hold you hostage up to your knees. The mud here can be worse than snow for getting your vehicle stuck. With this mud, mud boots are not optional, they are a necessity (although Avery still refuses to wear them).

We've had the most beautiful days lately. The snow is almost completely gone now (this picture is from last year). It has been nearly 50 degrees for 5 days in row, although it still gets below freezing at night. It's warm enough to sleep with my window open and there's enough light now that the sun wakes me up before me alarm clock. It seems like the mud is here really early this year, but I'm happy to have it!

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