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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On my way to Nome

I'm headed to Nome, Alaska with the music kids tomorrow. We leave around noon on a chartered flight. We will be flying on a 35 seater plane. I'm pretty sure it will be similar to the one I took into Anchorage that I wrote about in this post. A good portion of the kids that are going on the trip are girls, so I will have a large group of kids to chaperone, but the music festival keeps them all pretty busy. I should have plenty of free time to go check out the town a bit. To see where Nome is, click on the map above for a bigger new. Make sure to find Bethel, so you can see how far we're travelling. Both Nome and Bethel are in Western Alaska.
Of course, it wont be all green and warm and sunny while we are there. There will still be snow on the ground and the ocean will still be frozen over. I will certainly try to get some pictures from the air to show you what it really looks like right now. Below I've included the video from the Nome Visitors Website, if you'd like to check it out. I'm excited to see another part of this great state!

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Kassia said...

Hey Lish, have fun on your trip! Also wanted to say I'm glad you changed your blog site picture of the person in the mask...it totally creeped me out!!! LOL. luv ya.