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Thursday, April 08, 2010

April recipe: Sloppy What?

That's right...Sloppy Jane Sandwiches. Have you ever heard of a Sloppy Jane? No? Me, either. This is a tasty twist on the traditional hotdogs and beans. I really liked this recipe, especially because it used very few ingredients and what ingredients it did call for were common and easy to come by. I used real minced onion, rather than instant. It smelled wonderful and tasted just as good. We put ours on hamburger buns. I'm sure I'll use this recipe again. This recipe also came from my crockpot cookbook and will count as my April recipe for number 10 on my birthday list.

1 comment:

KuskoMama said...

this sounds like a camping/boat friendly food that kids would like. I'm going to write it down! :) (well... minus the crockpot, but that's easy enough to substitute for on a beach...)