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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cold again

I had to wear my winter coat again today. We've hit a minor setback in the attempt to achieve spring. It was 18 degrees this morning and the wind was freezing. There's snow in the forecast for the next few days. No more open window for me for awhile.

I hope spring is going as planned wherever you are.


Vicki said...

I know! So frustrating, this weather! I'm ready for spring.

Susan Stevenson said...

It's a little chilly here too, but hopefully it will warm up once the sun has a chance to send some heat! Maybe the chill will keep down the mosquitoes which have already come to Fairbanks and North Pole with a vengeance!

Stay warm!

Susan in North Pole

KuskoMama said...

this weather gets a thumbs down from us, though the kids are happy since they can ride their bikes easily on the frozen roads (less muddy). I'm ready for something warmer already... this time of year is just visually unappealing here!