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Sunday, August 19, 2007

This is a picture of a typical scene in Bethel. You can see the large area of tundra, then some houses. I believe these houses are on 7th ave.
This is Bethel's boat harbor. There are at least a couple hundred boats that are docked there.

This is the AC. It is Bethel's largest and nicest grocery store. They sell groceries downstairs and have a clothing store and furniture store upstairs. The prices aren't as high as I was anticipating. If you shop right, you can find things on sale. The sale price would make things about regular price in the lower 48. I'd say about 75% of the grocery items I've purchased have been about "regular" price. AC stands for Alaska Commercial. I've heard that it is a Canadian owned company, but I don't know for sure.
This is one of the river beaches in Bethel. This is were people who come in from villages will park their boats while they shop for supplies. They load their boats up and take supplies to the villages. There is even a sign at the furniture store that says, "We will not warranty any large appliance taken by boat or snow machine." In this picture, there is an army place loading or unloading(I'm not sure which) at the beach. For a few days when we first got here, these planes came in and took off about once an hour.
This pictures shows(although you cant see it well), a firetruck spraying all it's water out into the river. Our guess was that they were either testing or cleaning the hoses or sprayers.

Well, I know everyone has been craving pictures and there will be lots more coming as soon as I get my film developed. I went online last night and bought a digital camera so that uploading pics will be alot easier. I can also take videos with it, so hopefully I'll upload some videos too.

The first three pics were taken by my friend Chandra, she's a first year art teacher who is also new to Bethel. She's from Wisconsin! You all know why that's important....GO PACK!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I got your e-mail today and decided to check out your blog. I hope you and Avery are enjoying your adventure. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. Take care and keep warm!

alisha said...

Thanks Karen,

How are things at Vantage? I miss that place already. Tell everyone to checkout my blog and to post comments. I miss hearing from everyone.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Everything's going pretty well. Tomorrow is the first day for students. Right now, the Internet filters at Vantage won't let us on your blogspot, but I brought it to Eric and Stacy's attention, so hopefully that will change soon. After having a drought all summer, we received well over five inches of rain within the last 36 hours or so. There's been some minor flooding. I wanted rain, but not that much.

Take care, too