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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Historic Philly

 On my way from NC to VT, I stopped to visit my friend Tammy in Philadelphia.  We spent a day wandering around historic downtown Philadelphia.  We got to see the Liberty bell.
Independence Hall was closed for restoration, but we were able to see the original location of the congress and senate.
 We saw the very last edit of the Declaration of Independence which I believe was done by John Adams.  We learned that the Declaration was not actually signed until Aug. 4th, 1776 and the the original version of the document does not actually exist, but that the documents that we view on display in museums and archives are copies that were made and distributed.
We also visited the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary Soldier in Washington Square.  It was inspiring and eerie to stand on top of this mass grave in which thousands of people are buried, soldier and civilian alike. 
 The grounds were very well kept.  History is much more interesting when you are standing in the place where it the events took place.  There were a few times that I got goosebumps just knowing that I was standing in the footsteps of the founders of our country!


Anonymous said...

Miss you Alisha! I love the story about your gma.

alisha said...

Hi Anonymous...who is this?