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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A sunny day on the Kuskokwim

Thursday was a gorgeous day here in Bethel. Being such, I talked my friend, Mike, into going fishing. We headed upriver about 30 miles or so to some tributary that I forgot the name of.
He brought along a friend who brought along an extra fishing rod for me so that we could go rod and reel fishing for salmon. Salmon are not big rod and reel fish, but we wanted to give it a try. Below is a large fish camp that we passed on our way upriver. This fish camp had about 10 camp all strung along together on the bank of the river. It looked like a fun place to spend the summer, as many families here do. People go out to their fish camps in the summer to harvest, cut, smoke, dry, and otherwise prep enough salmon to last the winter.
Next we rode past the village of Kwethluk which is the largest village within our school district. I think it has about 800 people.
You know it's warm when the kids are out swimming the the 45 degree river.
Village life includes getting things done by boat and 4-wheeler.
Whenever I'm out on the river, it always seems that I'm on a lake instead of a river because of how immensely huge the river is.
My friend, Mike, and his crazy fishing lure experiment. I didnt work. :(
Mike boat...we had to stop for a potty break.
I dont know what this plant is called but it's very cool looking. It kind of looks feathery. It grows in the shallow water near the river bank.
We stayed out on the river until about 11:45pm, then it was time to head home before it got dark. None of us caught anything, but I was just happy to be out in the sunshine. I was actually the only one who got a fish on the line, but it got away. The river got very still right before we left because of the slack tide caused by the tides changing. The sunset reflecting on the smooth water was very pretty.
The rest of the pictures speak for themselves. Have I ever mentioned that we have the most beautiful sunsets? Don't believe me? Here's proof...

Sunset over the Bethel Boat Harbor at about 12:30am.

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