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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Funny Close Up

Ok...this picture has a story. We were on the cruise ship and we were just getting to the place where all the sea otters were. The pilot of the boat told everyone to be very quite because the otters are very easily scared away and will dive under the water if scared. We were floating there with all of these sea otters all around us. The boat engine had been turned way down and everyone on the boat was being completely silent, even the kids (and there were quite a few kids). Kass and I turned around to take a picture with the sea otters in the background, so I took a picture at arms length. When I turned the screen of the camera around, we busted up laughing when we saw this picture because I had forgotten that I had used the zoom to take pictures of the otters. When we started laughing, many of the people around us gave us dirty looks because they didnt want us to scare off the otters. I can understand that and we didnt mean to laugh, it just happened because the picture was so darn funny. It even makes me laugh now looking at it...Kass, your face is so scrunched up :)

1 comment:

Kassia said...

LMFAO!!!!! It's still just as funny as the first time, hahahahaha.