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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

11 done, 19 to go

We went on a day cruise around Prince William Sound. It was all beautiful, but when we went through this section with glaciers all around, there was something majestic about it. Or maybe it was just the cold. It did get noticably colder when we were closer to the glacier.
The glacier that we got the closest to was called Surprise Glacier. It is a tide water glacier, which just means that it comes all the way out to the sea. The blue color is caused by the color being refracted from the layers of ice. It looks like someone sprayed it with blue food coloring.
There were chunks of ice floating all around the boat. Some were hitting the side of the boat pretty hard. While we were there, a few very small pieces of the glacier calved. It did make a very loud cracking and booming sound..
The cruise boat people netted a piece of glacier ice out of the water for us to look at and touch. Therefore, number 3 on the birthday list (which is technically from the last birthday list) is finally finished. I touched a (piece of) a glacier. And dont I look happy doing it?If you ever get a chance, you should definitely go on this day cruise. It was alot of fun and very well put on. The staff were very nice, helpful, and knowledgable. It was also fairly inexpensive. And it left out of Whittier, which was a little town that I enjoyed very much.

Maybe when I'm in Juneau I'll actually get a chance to walk right up and touch a whole huge entire glacier. We'll see.


Sciarada said...

Hi Alisha, this is a magnificent place

Tamara said...

Great pictures! I dare say, that's as close as I'll ever get to a glacier. :-)

Kassia said...

Why u got that funny look on your face? Where u lookin'?? LMFAO!!!!!! U know I had to mention it! Hey put up that super closeup one of us that we kept cracking up at!!!!

alisha said...

I think I must have been looking at some hot guy walking by...yeah, that's it! :)