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Monday, July 05, 2010

I knew this would happen...

Well, I've uploaded all of my vacation pics to facebook. You think I want to spend the time to upload them again here? NO! Facebook tells me that you can use this link to see all of the pictures even if you are not on facebook. I'm not sure if it will work or not. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

We had a really great time on our trip, but it seems as though it was mostly defined by the strange people that we encountered along the way. Let's see how many I can remember and hopefully Kassia will fill in anyone that I miss.

  1. The hotel receptionist who told us to take the "covered stairs" down to the train station from the hotel when there was a little side street that led right down to the station. Couldn't she see we were both carrying huge pieces of luggage? Glad we didnt follow her instructions.
  2. The loud, obnoxious family with the loud obnoxious kids who sat RIGHT NEXT TO US on the nearly 8 hour train ride up to Denali National Park.
  3. The actress in the Cabin Nite Dinner Theatre who nearly cried through the whole thing. Everytime they sang a song, she had tears in her eyes.
  4. The red headed guy at the front desk of the resort that didnt know any of the answers to any of my questions, but tried real hard to make up some stuff that sounded good. And he just had this freaky smile on his face the whole time.
  5. The lady on our rafting trip that was OBSESSED with taking pictures of the whole family. She kept switching places with people to get new "angles" and she kept asking the raft guide to let her know when there was going to be a big splash....like he could really predict the waves, lady.
  6. The hostess at the restaurant who took us to our table who had a fading black eye, looked like she was about to burst into tears, and told us that she was having a rough day.
  7. The saleswoman at the Alaskan Bowl Company who was obnoxious and annoying and just a little miss know-it-all. When I told her I lived in Bethel, she started going on and on about the town. When I asked her if she had ever been there, her response was, "Well, no, but I know people who have." Shut up then.
  8. The same loud obnoxious family and their loud obnoxious kids on the nearly 8 hour train ride back to Anchorage. You've got to be kidding me!!! This time we didnt bite our tongues...we let them know that they were being disruptive. And it was better, but not much.
  9. The young girl who worked on the cruise boat who, when I asked if the boat had and upstairs, said no. Then a few sentences further into the conversation told us that once the ship got moving we would be free to walk around upstairs if we wanted. Uggg.
  10. The guy at the dance club who looked like a serial killer with his eyes buggin' out of his head. He kept staring at the music videos on the screen while he was dancing like the whole sea of people standing in between didnt even exist.
  11. The chic in the bathroom that got rude and snotty with Kass. She was wearing a boot on her foot as if it were broken. Why would you start shit with someone when you have no means of backing it up?
  12. The hostess at the fancy steakhouse who was wearing a skimpy little black dress that was barely containing her breasts. My God, this is a eating establishment, put some clothes on.
  13. The Lowe's employee who tried to give me his employee discount because he wanted my phone number, then walked away all sad when i told him that I didnt even live there. Awwwww. The funniest part was when he asked if he could help me and I asked, "why, do you know something about hose?" Then I started laughing and he didnt even notice.
And to top off all the crazy people...
The guy who almost jumped off the roof of the parking garage next door to our hotel. I heard yelling outside and looked out of the window to see a man hanging onto the railing of the roof across the street. We called 911 and the cops came about 3 mintues later. After that, it was about 10 minutes before he finally climbed back over the railing. There were a few times when it looked like he was really going to jump. It was intense!


Anonymous said...

Wow. You do know how to vacation....lol. Sorry you met so many crazies. Maybe they were lower 48ers?????


Anonymous said...

Thats so funny!!! Looks like you guys had some great times and now have some great memories!! I will try to call you tonight


Crystal said...

What a CRAZIE Vacation....LOL... The sea otters are so cute. I showed the kids. Looks like fun.. Talk to you later. Love, The Mensch's

Tamara said...

Great pics, Alisha! :-)

Kassia said...

I think u pretty much covered all the bases. :)