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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Juneau, here I come!

I'm on my way to Juneau tomorrow, the capital of Alaska. I get in at about 2:30 on Wednesday. I think I'm just going to drive around town and check things out the first day. Get to know the place and maybe do a little bit of shopping. Then on Thursday, I'm going on a helicopter glacier hike. Should be amazing.
Then on Friday, I'm going halibut fishing. Hopefully I'll catch a big one. The limit is 1, so the first one I get is the one that I keep. We will also fish for lingcod and rockcod.

Then on Friday, I'm going to do the zipline over on Douglas Island. It is up in the rainforest canopy and should be a great view. I'm really looking forward to my trip to Juneau. I'm going down 5 days early before my class starts so that I can have some time to do some fun things and see the sights. This trip will also finish off number 30 on the birthday list. There are plenty of other things I'm planning to do while in Juneau, but those three are my major fun events while I'm there. It's supposed to rain everyday, which is typical for SouthEast Alaska (it is a rainforest, after all), but I'm really hoping for at least a few days of sunshine before I have to head back to Bethel and kiss my summer goodbye.

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Sadie said...

jealous, and more jealous :)