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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Joys of Renting

I got a new refrigerator yesterday. I've been asking for one since I moved in. We've gone back and forth for months. Them saying no and me telling them why the old one sucked. Them saying maybe and me telling them how I'm planning to stay for awhile. Then finally, the other day I got a knock on the door from the maintenance guy saying my new refrigerator is here. Awesome! So, now I have a new frig and I love it. And I didnt have to buy it, I just told them I wanted one and I got it. I didnt have to measure or shop for it. I didnt have to have it delivered or install it myself. I just sat around playing my video game while they put it in. Like I said, "Awesome!"

In other news...
The summer science camp I'm teaching starts on Monday. We've had to rearrange the schedule more than half of the materials we ordering havent gotten here. First, the shipping company lost a box, then they shipped it again the slow way that will take weeks, now today they shipped it AGAIN. Hopefully, it will get here in time. We are supposed to do a soil sampling lesson on Wednesday. We have a trip out to the farm planned to take soil samples and then run some tests on the soil. But we dont have our soil sampling kits yet. It's been a very frustrating ordeal with the supplies. The camp should be good though, we've got alot of great stuff planned.

It's cold again. After having beautiful days for weeks, the cold feels more cold than normal. It's only been running in the 40's each day and even down into the 30's at night. It's usually been rainy and overcast in the mornings, then sunny (but not warm) in afternoons and evenings. Brrrr!

I had a bunch of people over for dinner last night. It was really good. The food was great. I made spagetti with moose meat and veggie sauce, cole slaw, and garlic bread with tomato and mozzarella cheese on top. Some friends brought a delicious pork roast and another friend brought brownies and icecream. We had a feast. I think it was the most food that I've eaten for weeks. The house was packed with people. I also think that was the most people I've had over in this apt too. We had a great time. Eventually, we busted out the Wii and made Mii's for everyone because people wanted to weigh themselves.

Speaking of weight. I cant seem to lose much, but I have been so busy these last few days that I havent been working out though either. I know what I need to do. I need to do some strength training. That's when I lose the best, but I just havent done it yet. I've still been doing cardio and alot of walking, but my body needs strength training. I should get on the ball with that.

I'm not sure what I want to do with the blog now that I have Facebook. It seems redundant to do both.


The Diceman said...

Keep the blog...Facebook is really only good for "status" updates and it's easy to get distracted on there. Plus, there's no blogroll, no real obvious way to blog on there, security will always be a concern... I'm sure I could come up with more if you need!

Best of luck with science camp!

Anonymous said...


Susan Stevenson said...

I hope you'll keep the blog too. I've been following you for several months, and would like to be able to continue to do so! I enjoy reading about life in other parts of this great state. I live in North Pole.

Good luck to you with science camp!


Anonymous said...

You have to keep the blog!! I like reading the blog becuase theres wasy more info on the blog!!


Anonymous said...

Do keep the blog. It is a totally medium from FB and is so much more enjoyable like reading a book. I have enjoyed e very minute of your journey these last years.

Can't wait to see what other discoveries you make as you continue to explore the last frontier of Alaska.