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Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 done, 20 to go

On Sunday, I spent the day out on the river fishing. We used a net to catch 15 salmon. We were only out on the river for a couple of hours. It was a fifty foot net which is actually pretty small for around here. Most serious subsistance fishermen around here use a 150 foot net.
Even with our little 50 footer, we already had a fish in the net before the whole thing was even all the way out. Getting the fish out of the net was the hardest part, but we got the hang of it pretty quickly.
I also got to learn how to gut the fish. We gutted them right there on the boat and dropped the heads and guts right into the water. It made for pretty easy cleanin'.
Back at a friends house, I learned how to filet the fishes. We had a nice huge stack of filets before it was all over. I really sucked at cutting them, but I got better as I went along. Cutting the first side is much easier than cutting the second side.

Then, I went home and cooked up one of those fine filets for dinner that night. All in all, it took about 7 hours from river to mouth.
Number 16 on the birthday list is complete. Filet, cook, and eat a salmon that I caught...done!

It was a beautiful day out on the river. Sunshine, 65 degrees, no bugs, no wind...it was perfect!

It's fun to watch and wait for the top of the net to bob. Or like in the video above when a fish gets caught near the top of the net and flops wildly all around.

Good fun!


Crystal said...

Hey isn't net fishing illigal? LOL You guys got some big salmon. Nothing like that here in Vegas. I bet it was good. Talk to ya later gotta go to work...

alisha said...

It's not illegal here. I'm pretty sure that you have to be an Alaska resident though because then it's considered subsistance fishing. It's been good to hear from you the last couple of days. Give me a call sometime.