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Sunday, June 06, 2010

(almost) vegetarian summer

In additional effort to "get back on the wagon" in terms of weight loss, I've decided to try to go (almost) vegetarian for the summer. I've been walking alot and doing other excercising. Today I went on a bike ride and for a long walk with my ankle weights on. I've been drinking lots of water and eating healthy. I also ate completely meatless meals today. I'm also keeping track of my calories each day and measurements each week. Over the last two weeks, I have eaten completely meatless meals 7 out of 10 days. Even on the days that I did eat meat, it was usually only 1 meal, so probably about 75% of my meals these last two weeks have been meatless.

The reason that I say (almost) vegetarian is because I am still going to definitely be eating some fish. Also, because I am not going to completely avoid eating meat. If someone else is cooking meat, I will eat it, but if I am cooking my own meals, I am going to avoid it. This is much easier to do since it is just me that I'm cooking for and I have a much less hectic schedule. I have no intention whatsoever to turn into a true vegetarian, but I would like to be healthier about what I am putting in my body...so more fruits and veggies for me, please!

Today is my 365th day on the Wii...I am 21 pounds lighter than I was a year ago and I am on a mission to be 20 pounds lighter than that by the end of the summer!!! Think I can do it????


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Anonymous said...

i know you can do it!!!


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