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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Denali, here I come!

Tonight I'll be getting on an airplane headed to Anchorage. Tomorrow I'll be on a train riding up to Denali National Park. My friend, Kassia, and I are staying two nights at a lodge just outside the park (there is no lodging in the park). I was reading in a guide book that Mt. McKinley is only visible about 25% of the time during the summer. Here's hoping that Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday fall into that 25%. I would love to see the 20,000+ peak, North America's tallest mountain!


Christine said...

Enjoy the train ride! We did that in January 09 and did get to see the mountain. It's a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great trip!!! Enjoy it all!!


Sadie said...

Just remember to be good to your body!!!! You owe me a dinner if I lose more than you this summer ;)

Susan Stevenson said...

I hope you get to see Denali. I've been lucky in that I've seen the mountain at least 80% of the time I've visited the park. Earlier in the day the better. By the time the afternoon rolls around, the clouds tend to as well.


Susan in North Pole

mrsjohn said...

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