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Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 pounds and 3 notches

I have officially lost 10 pounds since I got the Wii 34 days ago. Basically what that means is that I weigh the same now as I did 2 years ago when I first moved to Bethel(i know exactly what i weighed then because they weighed us when we rode those mules down the grand canyon two summers ago). Also what it means is that I gained 10 pounds while living in Alaska the last two years and I got rid of those 10 pounds in 34 days. It also means that I lost 2% of my body fat. AND in addition...I am wearing my belt THREE (count em'...3!) notches tighter than I was when I got here this summer. (I wonder if my friend, Edije, remembers that bet that we made last summer about the person whose belt was the most notches tighter this summer would buy the other a new outfit??? Did we shake on that???) In the graph above you see the red line was my starting point and the purple line is my progress.

I am so excited for myself! I have also noticed that my flexibility, balance, and endurance are all increasing. I also think I'm losing inches in other places besides my waist too. Although I havent measured, I sure do think my arms, thighs, and face all look just a little bit thinner. Yay me! Yay Wii! Did I mention that I think the inventors of the Wii are geniuses? I cant give all the credit to the Wii though...I have also been reducing my calorie intake to about 500-700 calories per day, I have stopped drinking pretty much anything except water, and I swim almost every morning.

I am really starting to feel like I have a chance at accomplishing Number 5 on my birthday list. My goal right now is that I would like to drop another 10 pounds by the end of August and the other ten pounds by Christmas for a total of 30 pounds before my 30th birthday. Wouldn't that be awesome? YES!

So, to reward myself for losing 10 pounds, 2% body fat, and 3 notches on my belt, I'm going to spurge and buy myself a $60 video game...EA active. It's like a personal trainer. It has great reviews and is better than the Wii fit game because it actually sets up a training program for you and then you do the whole workout. It also tracts your progress including inch measurements and heart rate. It even has a 30 day challenge that I think I will start once I get back to Bethel.
I am also going to pick up a couple of accessories for my Wii fit, including height increasers for the stepping activities and a gel cover for the balance board because my feet get sore when I stand on it for too long. I think I'll go tomorrow to get all my new stuff...I cant wait to try it all and keep shedding those pounds!


Anonymous said...

looks like i am going to have to buy you an outfit because my belt is getting bigger!!!! I bought a membership to curves but i dont even go so that was a big waste of money!! I am so proud of you!! thats a big accomplishment good for you

Anonymous said...

The Mensch's say "YOU GO GIRL!"

Kassia said...

That's awesome! Good for you!

Reese-E said...

hey! thanks for the comment! i know, i only have a month until i have to make a new list! i better get to work on the current one! i love the bday lists - i've done so many things i prob would never have gotten around to just because i put them on my list!

btw, congrats on the 10 pounds!! that's AMAZING!!! i'm so jealous that you get to swim every morning! i would love that!

Jake and Janelle Snyder said...

Great job! Woo-hoo! Let me know how you like the latest Wii active game. We have Wii fit and Active life Outdoor Challenge... like them both, but still looking for more.