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Thursday, July 09, 2009

In Vegas, umbrellas arent just for rain

In fact, they're really not for rain at all considering it never rains. Seriously...NEVER. Or basically never. Which is weird considering that when we were kids it used to rain so hard that it would flood and we would go swim in the streets.

Nowadays, umbrellas in Vegas are mostly a small respite from the scorching, intense sun and the sweltering, unrelenting heat that accompany it. Everyday that I drive around town, I see people walking down the sidewalks with umbrellas over their heads.


crystal said...

your a "DORK" though your right it never rains here!!!Crystal

KuskoMama said...

I call that a parasol, then... :-) What's ridiculous is I see people in Ketchikan doing the same thing. 60 year old couples, in jackets, at 75 degrees w/o a cloud in the sky, popping their brack 'brelly open to protect them from the rays. Please!!!! I can get it when the temp is 100+... but not 75.