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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Baseball in Vegas

Went out to a Las Vegas 51's baseball game on Friday night with my friend Niomi, her son Devin, and her mom Davette. We had a great time. We were there with Davette's church group, so we had seats in the picnic area down on the field.The team mascot is an alien named Cosmo. Kind of a goofy looking alien, if you ask me. But I suppose you cant make him look too much like an alien because he would scare the kids away.The stadium was surprisingly full for the game even though the tickets were more expensive than usual because it was 4th of July weekend and they were having special events and fireworks and such. And of course, the girl that sang the Star Spangled Banner was from Planet Holleywood's Peepshow Striptease. How tacky...how Vegas.
We spent some time jumping in the bouncy house with Devin. That was FUN!
After the game was over, they had someone sing some such patriotic song or another and then they showed a video clip about how they were trying to build a veterans memorial in Vegas. They are trying to raise money to build one. One of the veterans that they interviewed on the video said that Las Vegas is the epitome of the American freedoms that Veterans fight for and, therefore, should have a veterans memorial. As he said that, I couldnt help but think..."Freedoms like what? The freedom to gamble away all your money and end up living in the streets. The freedom to have a drive through wedding? The freedom to have random sex with sleazy prostitutes? The freedom to have slot machines at every single place that you go? The freedom to abuse drugs and alcohol? The freedom to live a life of sex, gambling, and substance abuse? Seriously? Maybe we should reconsider the freedoms that we hold valuable."
After the game, there were some pretty decent fireworks (not as good as the really amazing fireworks that I saw for the 4th of July...more on that later). Here are some of the better shots that I got of the pyrotechnic action. I think they turned out quite nice.
Firework photography is a hobby of mine that I started back in 2001 when I dated a guy who was a pyrotechnic.
For every good picture that I get, I get about 5 that are not as good. So to get these 7 good pics, you figure I took about 30 other not so good ones.
I love fireworks though, so even if I wasnt taking pictures of them, I would still LOVE watching the action.
The Las Vegas 51's are the Triple A affiliate team of the Toronto Blue Jays. When I was growing up, the were called the Las Vegas Stars and were owned by the Padres.
It was kind of weird going to a baseball game in Las Vegas. It is not something I associate with Las Vegas. I never went to any games when i was growing up here and it's not like you think, 'Let's go to Las Vegas and see a baseball game.' I felt like I was back in Ohio while I was walking around the stadium.
And here are a couple videos for your viewing pleasure.

The 51's lost the game, but we still had a great time.


Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Looks like a great time! Actually made me crave a baseball game. Throughout our marriage, we have seen many AAA games, so I felt like I was really there while looking at your pictures. Hubby would probably really like to go to another game, now that I think about it.

Alisha, do me a favor--next time you get a chance, mosey on over and try to comment again. I THINK I might have fixed the issue (crossing fingers). If it worked, I'll know when I see your comment, and if it didn't, just leave me a note here and I'll see it next time I read. Thanks! You're one of the few that has let me know there were issues, so it'll be a big help.

alisha said...

nope...didnt work!