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Thursday, December 18, 2008

McKinley Mac

On our way back to Fairbanks after visiting the Santa Claus House, we stopped for dinner at McDonald's (yes, the one with the candy cane striped pole!). As we were perusing the menu, we noticed something different...the McKinley Mac! Oh yes...this is the same as the Big Mac, except for it uses quarter pounder patties instead of those tiny little excuses for meat that are usually on the Big Mac. Apparently, Alaskans need more meat than other people. Above is Avery digging in to this major sandwich and below is the look you get when something is so good that it causes your eyes to roll back into your head.
This was a great sandwich for Avery because he often tries to order 'a quarter pounder dressed like a big mac' and the people over the counter often stare at him with a 'what the ____ is he talking about' look on their face. So this sandwich is basically exactly what Avery has tried to order with varying degrees of success for years.

This is him saying, "Yep...this is one good sandwich!"

1 comment:

big ass kass said...

I'm glad to see Avery enjoying his McKinley Mac. I wish they had that here. I would make the same face, I swear. Tell him Happy birthday for me, will ya?