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Monday, December 29, 2008

Beautiful blue

I made sure to get a hotel with a pool because the salt water burns my eyes and I dont really like swimming in it much. So...here it is...the pool we never used. I learned my lesson...if i'm at a place with a beach, I dont need a pool.Today was a gorgeous day. It was kind of overcast and cool, but perfect. We had a couple hours to kill in the morning, so we found a beach on the windward side that had lots of black lava rocks. Very cool!
The water today was unbelievably blue.

See the lighthouse up on the rock?
What a wonderful view...beautiful blue sky, aquamarine water, black lava rocks.
and golden sand beaches. This beach had the softest sand of all!
Avery loves that boogey board. It was totally worth the $20 we spent on it, but there's no use for it were we're going, so I think we'll just give it away tomorrow to some other kid that can use it.
We spent the morning playing on/in the water...

Diamondhead crater...
Amazing how blue the water is. This is Koko crater in the background.

FUN, FUN, FUN! We had so much fun. We came back to the room at about 5 to take a quick nap before dinner. I woke up at about 10pm. Playing in the sun all day wears you out! I cant believe we leave tomorrow!

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