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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fools Wish

I really wish I could say this was an April Fools joke, but it's not, even though it really feels like it should be. I was at the post office on Saturday waiting for a car to pull out so that I could pull in and the car on my right starts backing out. I blare my horn, but to no avail. The driver kept right on backing out and ran right into me. He hit my passenger front door and dented and scratched it up pretty good.
So much for having a new truck. I think this means I officially have to stop calling it new. It cant be new after having been hit. Geez...I have just been having all kinds of trouble with my truck here. Stupid truck!
Luckily, it's only the door panel that is injured. Hopefully that means that it can be repaired nicely. I'm thinking it's just going to need a new door panel. Have I mentioned that I sometimes wish I wouldnt have brought the truck here? hmmmmm....
So, the guy that hit me was driving this thing and, of course, no damage was done to his vehicle. The guy was 79 years old. This is why old people should have to retake their drivers exam at a certain age. I'm all for getting the elderly off the roads if they cant handle it. Too often I've seen accidents or almost accidents happen because of the elderly.
I hope you had a good April Fools Day. Any good pranks?

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