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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lost time!

For weeks I kept thinking that it seemed like my alarm clock was farther and farther ahead each day. I have finally figured out that it is! We have four clocks in the house. Three of them are digital electric and one runs on batteries. The three that plug in gain about a minute every two or three days, sometimes more, sometimes less. I usually set my alarm clock 15 minutes fast and right now it's 38 minutes fast. I dont think I ever noticed this before because every few weeks we would have a power outage and I would have to reset all the clocks, but we havent had a power outage for months now. The only reason I can think of to explain the clocks jumping ahead is that we have power surges. As to why we have power surges...I have no clue, but it must be happening. How frequent and intense the power surge, the farther it makes that clocks jump ahead? Does this make sense?

Does anyone else have any explanation for all of the clocks gaining time? I'd really love to hear your thoughts, it's really kind of strange. I've never heard of clocks gaining time before. Have you?


Anonymous said...

Happens to me too. I'd like to know what the deal is...

Anonymous said...

Dave said he figures it's the magnetic pull from the North Pole.

He also stated it does something with compasses and that's why Santa Claus is at the North Pole, no one can find him there!


alisha said...

Interesting thought, Dave. I'm not sure how that would work. Could you explain it a bit?

I mean...the Santa thing makes perfect sense, but I'm not seeing how the magnetic pull would affect only the clocks that are plugged in and not the other clocks or any other appliances.

I'd love to hear your reasoning...

Anonymous said...

I tried looking it up to see what sense it all made and couldn't find anything.

With Dave it was just a thought because of compasses. He did say with batteries having a lower frequency that maybe, that's why they're not affected. He doesn't know the ins and outs of clocks, it was just his hypothesis.

I'm now curious about the whole thing, does anyone at your school know?


Could that explain your power surges?

alisha said...

I'm curious now too. If Dave has any other thoughts...I'd love to hear them. I will ask around and see if any of the locals have an explanation for it.

Anonymous said...

Dave really doesn't have any other ideas about it. I had originally asked him because he's one of those that has a lot of "useless" info in his head, just ask c.p.

And even if not completely correct, there's usually some basis to it.

So here I am writing about this on your blog and writing about baby farting on c.p.'s. I wonder what Kale's voting response would be if he threw farting into the arena, he'd get my vote!