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Friday, January 17, 2014

Number 7: Go Camping

 In the middle of summer, I took a break from remodeling the house and headed to Wisconsin for a camping trip with Avery and my friend's son, Adam.  First, we spent three nights at Devil's Lake State Park near the Wisconsin Dells.  Devil's Lake was a huge campground on an expansive chunk of state land.  There were innumberable hiking trails and a huge lake with canoe rentals.  We had fun spending the days in the Dells and the night around the campfire.
 Willow River State Park is just east of the Wisconsin Border from Minneapolis.  Adam and I dropped Avery off at wrestling camp in Minnesota and then proceeded to spend three more night camping next to another lovely river.  The park office lent out fishing polls and tackle for free.  Adam spent his time fishing, Ryder spent his time chasing balls, and I spent my time reading books.  At night, Adam learned to cook over a campfire and kick my butt at Monopoly.
Fun times and good memories!

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