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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Number 2: Volunteer somewhere/get involved in Bethel community

Can you imagine what being homeless would be like in a place like Bethel, Alaska?  The bitter cold.  The lengthy darkness.  The howling wind.  Sounds dismal.

In December, the Lions club in Bethel decided that they were going to address the problem of homelessness in Bethel by opening a homeless shelter called Bethel Winter House.  As of now, it will only run in the winter and is being housed on a month to month rotating schedule at various local churches.  It is completely run by volunteers and donation.

Since I love to cook, I decided to sign up to help with meals.  I am cooking for them most Mondays until they close at the end of March.  I get everything ready on Sunday, cook it Monday, and deliver it to the Winter House on Monday nights.  The guests have been very appreciative!

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