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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Number 10: Complete a half marathon

  1.1 miles, then abs and stretching, feel good, running/sprinting some
+1.1 miles, then abs and stretching, feel really good, running/sprinting
+2.2 miles, then abs and stretching, start to feel the burn, running some
+3.3 miles, then abs and stretching, really feel the burn, getting bored
+3.3 miles, then stretching, what the hell was I thinking, this is awful
+2.1 miles, want to lay down on the treadmill/cry/crawl, jogged more
+4:10 hours
1 treadmill half marathon complete!!!

This pic shows my last 2.1 miles

Yesterday, I went to the gym for our first Bethel Biggest Loser weight training and yoga workout of the season, but no one showed up.  My challenge this week is to walk to the airport, but it was crazy blizzard windy.  My friend, Erin, has had me thinking of my birthday list alot lately.   Since there arent many opportunities to run marathon living here, I decided to kill three birds with one stone and just walk a half marathon on the treadmill.  I really wanted to quit at miles 10, but I kept thinking to myself, "if this were a real half marathon, you wouldnt quit!!!  Just finish!"

I got in a great workout, completed my BBL challenge, and checked number 10 of my list!


Deanna said...

Holy smokes! That was a fast 2.1 miles!

alisha said...

It was counting down from 60 minutes...so it was actually my slowest 2.1 miles.