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Thursday, June 21, 2012


The Biltmore mansion is dubbed America's largest home.  This is because it is still lived in by the family and is the largest privately owned home. You can tour part of the amazing mansion and most of the estate. George Vanderbilt II built the house as a summer getaway near Asheville, NC.  The property originally stood on 125,000 acres of land.  85,000 acres were sold the US government by Edith Vanderbilt after George died to create a national park.  The estate is a National Historic Landmark.  It was built from 1889-1895.  The house was opened to the public in 1930 by George's daughter Cornelia Vanderbilt Cecil either at the request of the city of Asheville to spark tourism or because the estate was broke or maybe a little of both.

Some of the features...
250 rooms in the mansion
175,000 sq. ft.
8,000 acre estate
original furnishings and artwork
7 story tall dining room
bowling alley in the mansion
indoor pool  in the mansion
early 1900's gym and workout facility
a working farm
2 story library with over 10,000 books
75 acres of formal gardens
Dürer's Rhinoceros
fire alarm and intercom systems
43 bathroom and 34 bedrooms
65 firplaces

It's a very interesting place to visit and I would recommend it if you are every near Asheville.

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