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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Windowsill gardening

I've been putting my green thumb to work through the use of some old plastic containers and my windowsill. I've got some fairly thriving parsley going and I've been trying to use it as much as possible before it gets too cold and it starts to die off.
I've got some more parsley along with rosemary and basil going on my kitchen window too. It sure it nice to have fresh herbs to use while cooking. I'm hoping that they will keep growing into the winter, but with our lack of sunlight and intense cold, I am doubtful about that possibility.
I've also been growing a few small tomato plants. They have not produced one single piece of fruit all summer. Then it occurred to me the other day that the problem might be that the flowers are not getting pollenated since they are not outside with the breeze and the bees. So about a week ago, I tried shaking the plants to simulate a breeze in hopes that the plants would pollinate each other and create fruit. And guess what? It worked! Today I looked at my tomato plants and found several small little tomatoes in progress. Exciting!!!

1 comment:

Kassia said...

Tomatoes don't get ready to pick until right about now anyway...my parents grow them at the farm and I just got my first batch on Monday. Yummy!