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Monday, September 13, 2010

It just adds up to a really great weekend!

1 new DVR cable box +
2 hour friday night nap +
2 hour movie on the big screen at church +
1 bag microwave popcorn+
1.5 hours chatting with friends+
4 teenagers happy to have a movie night+
5 chapters pride and prejudice read+
8 solid hours of sleep+
70 minutes of quiet, peaceful, foggy morning walk with
1 awesome friend and
2 cups of coffee+
1 attack dog+
40 minutes yoga+
5.5 pounds lost+
1 facial with my new MK mask+
1 trip to the post office+
20 minute walk+
2 sourdough recipes chosen+
2.5 hours on the tundra with
2 great friends and
1 adorable puppy picking
100's of cranberries+
1 new woodfrog friend caught+
8 episodes of LOST+
2 reservations made for trip to Anchorage+
1 happy brother who got to help cut moose+
5 shows programmed into DVR+
30 minute Sunday morning walk+
1 church service+
2 funny church conversations+
1 birthday party attended+
1 trip on the
6 wheeled ARGO amphibious vehicle+
1 Green Bay Packer WIN+
2 pounds moose meat given by a friend+
1 new friend +
24 pieces of homemade paper made+
45 minute walk with
3 wonderful friends and
3 funny dogs+
6 loaves of sourdough bread made from scratch+
4 loads of laundry+
30 hours of gorgeous sunshine and
70 degrees


One amazing weekend in Bethel, Alaska!


Belle said...

Wow! What a great weekend.

Tamara said...

I was tired just reading that list! Congrats on the accomplishments! :-)