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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Foggy and Fabulous!

I woke up around 9am Saturday morning with plans to do Saturday morning yoga with a friend. When I looked outside I was enthralled by the glorious calm and quiet of the dense morning fog. So, I called my friend and suggested that we go for a foggy morning walk before our Saturday morning yoga. She agreed, I brewed some coffee, we grabbed our cameras, and we were off for a stroll through Bethel.Not far from home, we noticed what we came to call a fogbow...a rainbow made of fog that has no color. It was very cool. I wonder if such a phenomena actually has a name. It stuck around for the majority of our walk.
As we got closer to the river, the fog got thicker. It looked as though the hill down to the river wall was just a sheer drop off.
We enjoyed the absolute quiet of this amazingly calm and foggy morning. The air was quiet and still. There were no people out, no kids running around, no dogs barking. It was as if God had sent a message that this was meant to be a quiet morning.
We walked down the river wall and along the beach enjoying the quiet foggy view. The sun was large as it continued to rise above the town of Bethel.
The fog was beautiful and the quiet was oh-so-peaceful. This duck is enjoying a foggy little float down the Kuskokwim river.
Shortly after that, our peaceful serenity was interrupted by a huge aggressive dog that charged across the street and attacked Suka (Sadie's dog) as we were walking. Sadie threw her hot coffee on the dog and yelled at it to get it to back off. Then she went to talk to the owner.
From there our walk was no longer quiet and peaceful, but it was just as foggy and beautiful. Bethel is filled with unleashed dogs that terrorize all parts of town.
We did a loop around the Bethel boat harbor. There were many people getting ready to go out on the river. Even though there was a heavy fog, it was clear that this day was going to be gorgeous. The sun was huge and shining, the sky was blue, and there wasnt a hint of wind to ripple the water.
Even as the town came alive around us, the calm fog continued to give everything a bit of a surreal feeling. Almost like walking through a dream.
On our way home nearly 45 minutes later, the fog was just as thick, if not even a bit thicker. The mean attack dog was tied up now, but still capable of ruining the peace with its bark. We enjoyed the way the tug boat looked tied up to the river wall in the fog.
People finally tired of waiting for the fog to lift, were getting out on the river in an attempt to make the most of this day that was clearly intended to provide amazing weather.
And just then as we turned the corner away from the river and back toward our apartments...
as picture perfect as the thick fog had been, there was Mission Lake, crystal clear and calm like glass. It was amazingly clear. It was perfect.
As we stepped out of a foggy little dream world, we stepped into a perfectly clear one that was equally amazing. We stood in awe for minutes in front of this little lake and enjoyed the perfect mirror images of the houses reflected in the stillness of the water's surface.
It was an amazing start to an amazing weekend. More on that later...

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Belle said...

Fantastic photos. I love the sunbow and the pictures of the sun are wonderful and different.