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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cranberry picking

Last weekend I went cranberry picking for the very first time ever. I've done alot of blueberry picking here in Alaska, but never cranberries. The cranberries are ready much later that the blueberries and usually by the time the cranberries are ready, I'm all berried out. But this year, their were not that many blueberries and I didnt do much blueberry picking, so I finally got around to picking cranberries.
I went with my friends, Chris and Erin, and Erin's little puppy, North. We enjoyed a nice sunny day out on the tundra. I thought picking cranberries was much easier than picking blueberries. It just seemed as if they came off so much more easily.
North was so cute running along the tundra and getting lost in the bushes. Right before we left, she took a few nibbles from my berry bucket. On the way home, she was so sleepy that she had a hard time walking. She's so cute!!!!Then next day we used some of our berries to bake cranberry nut bread from a sourdough starter. It was delicious.
The tundra is already changing into some fall colors...October is right around the corner!


Tamara said...

Very cool! I don't have the patience for much berry picking--blackberries and mulberries from our yard in small amounts is about all I can muster.

Crystal/Desi said...

Hey nice cranberries! We have a question for you??? Do you have a orginial idea for a science fair project? Desi has a science fair in Nov. but we want to start now (plan). Let us know we gotta go to football:)Love ya