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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Jam session

I had a jam session last weekend. I got together with a few other friends who were interested in making jam and together we made 6 batches of jam. We made rhubarb, blueberry, peach, blueberry rhubarb, peach rhubarb, and plum. It was alot of fun. We ended up with about 30 jars of jam in total. They all turned out really yummy, but the ones with the rhubarb were the best. I've been on a rhubarb kick lately after I picked up a huge batch of it from the store. I bought out the entire stock! Since then I've made rhubarb crisp, jam, and rhubarb sourdough coffee cake. They've all turned out great.

Quote of the evening... "Wine and jam making; I think this is going to be a lifelong partnership!"


Belle said...

That's a great idea to make jam with friends. That way you can have lots of different kinds.

Crystal said...

Who is going to eat all that jam I know not you and Avery!LOL That's cool though that's a ton of jam... Wow when did you start drinking "WINE"? Your art is sooo cool those pictures are awesome... I gotta go to bed talk to you later.. Love Ya

desirey said...

hi anut alisha, you where so mean to those goose,and duck,but anyway i miss you so much by i got to go somewhere i love you