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Friday, November 07, 2008

BRHS Haunted House

The 10th grade class do the haunted house every year and it just so happens that last year I was randomly assigned as a class advisor to the 10th grade class. That meant I got to help with the haunted house...and help I DID! I loved it so much that I voluntarily stayed with the 10th grade class again this year and took on the haunted house again. Even though it is an insane amount of work, it is so worth it to see the kids get the daylights scared out of them.

This year, the 10th graders decided to use scary movies as their theme, so check out these pictures and see if you can think of the scary movie that they go with.

We made a bunch of little kids (and even some big ones) cry again this year. For some reason, that gives me immense satisfaction! :)

The 10th graders were really proud of the job that they did and I heard nothing but rave reviews about the haunted house. It made about $1500 in 3 hours! The actors played their parts well and we had so much fun!

I'll post edits later with some more descriptions with each picture. Can you name those scary movies?

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