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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last tourny of the season

The last wrestling tournament for JH was this weekend. And, man, it was a big tournament. Over 220 kids wrestled over the course of two days and by the time it was all over, Avery (and alot of other people, including me) were absolutely exhausted.

Here he is pinning a kids during one of his matches...
Here he is getting ready for a match...

Here he is with a kid that he says he's jealous of because the kid has the best mustache. This made me laugh hysterically... :) Here he is with his awesome sister...

Here he is taking 3rd place for the 119 weight class....No, he doesnt weigh 119, but he was over by just a pound or so for the 112 weigh class. Taking 3rd is a pretty big accomplishment when you're wrestling kids that are bigger than you. I'm really proud of Avery lately, he's really maturing and becoming a great kid! On Sunday, we were sitting around watching movies and I was cleaning, and all on his own, he got his Math book out and started studying. He studied his Math and didnt even care about the movie that was on. He was able to completely tune it out. Something I dont think he could have done last year. I'm watching him grow up right before my eyes...Only 5 days until he turns 13!

Things are pretty busy here with us trying to get ready to leave after just coming back, but I will try to finish up my Houston posts tonight. All I have left is Part 3:NASA. There are quite a few other things that I've had on my mind lately too, so I'd like to get around to some of that stuff too. See ya!

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