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Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Desserts

This post is a long time coming...On Saturday, November 1st, we had a concert series here in Bethel called 'Just Desserts'. It was hosted by the Bethel Arts Council as a fund raiser for the Council activities, especially Camaii. All of the artists were local and most were musical entertainment, although there was a smattering of poetry mixed in. They also sold and raffled some pretty impressive desserts. I had some pumpkin spice cheese cake the was terrific! A group of about 20 or so teachers(some Bethel teachers and some in from the villages) went together and we took up a pretty big table by ourselves. We had a great time eating desserts, listening to music, and chatting amongst ourselves. Here are some of the pics from the concert...

This is Traci Buckle, who is a teacher from Eek, who came in to town and played some songs for us. She was very good and had a great voice. She has a couple of albums available for purchase on the iTunes store. This band includes one of the teachers aids at our school as well as many of the Jesuit Volunteers here in Bethel. They were a country band and had a "fiddle dance" feel/sound to their music that was very upbeat and alot of fun.
These were the girls from the local dance studio preforming.
These two boys were graduated last year and they performed a couple of rock/heavy metal songs and were pretty good.
This guy recited the poem The Cremation of Sam McGee and he did a fantastic job, complete with a dog sled prop and everything. The poem was really interesting and I had never heard it before. It is a poem based in Alaska and very much reflective of Alaska and its culture. Take the time to click the link and read it if you are interested.
After leaving the 'Just Desserts' Concert, all of us teachers got together after the concert and had drinks and conversation and a great time getting together and blowing off some steam. Thank goodness for all of the other teachers and the fact that we have each other to hang out with. Without a peer group, I think I would go crazy out here.

For how small Bethel is, there are actually quite alot of things to do and many diverse options for things to be involved in here in town. I am off to Houston tonight and I think I'll be able to find plenty of things to do there!


funky punk said...

Hi Alisha,
I saw your post from Erin's site. Christina asked me to come down, but it just wasn't going to happen this time. I'm in Nunapitchuk. "Just Desserts" seems like a fun thing & I hope it's ongoing.

I've noticed you have a few of the ppl I know too listed on your "awesome blogs": Pat, Kyle, Vicki, Kale, Dirk, & of course, Christina & Erin. Maybe one of these days, you & I will meet in this "small world.

Anonymous said...

so stranger how are things going? We got the thank you note from avery. It was very cute!! I saw the stuff with your car and that really stinks. Hope it turns out ok. We traded our trailblazer in and got a new suv. well let me know if theres any thing you need at all or even for xmas!!

Your skinniest(dont know if i spelled that right) friend ever!!