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Monday, November 03, 2008

Jealous, aren't you?

The new exciting thing that everyone is raving about in Bethel is this stretched Hummer limo. Of course, I could care less as it doesnt really affect my life any, but it seems to be drawing alot of attention. So now we actually have two limo in town, this one and another "regular" black one. It seems quite stupid and excessive to me, but many people have been having fun with it. It also seems to be staying quite busy, I always see it driving around town with people/kids hanging out of the sunroof. With the payout of the largest PFD checks in history, weighing in at approx. $3200 with the energy rebate included, it appears that people needed a way to blow all that cash and the company that runs this limo service made an investment to cash in on some of that money floating around.

See all the little white dots floating in the pic? That is freezing fog. The flash on the camera reflected off all the little droplets in the air. We've had alot of it this year. It looks pretty cool and also makes things seem sort of eerie.

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