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Monday, May 07, 2012

Getting Neutered

I had originally thought that I would wait until summer to get Ryder neutered.  My plan was to take him with me to the Lower 48 for the summer.  I didnt really want to wait that long because by June he would be 8 months old, but the cost for vet services here is prohibitive.  Getting neutered in North Carolina would be about $40. Here in Bethel, it was $292!!!!  The decision was finally made to go ahead and leave Ryder in Bethel with a dog sitter for the summer. This meant that he had to get neutered here after all.  So I sucked it up, paid the obnoxious fee, and took Ryder in to the vet last week right around his 7 month old birthday.
Since we were studying the reproductive system in my Medical Terminology class and had just dissected the testis of our cats the week before, I thought I would try to ask the vet if he would let me keep Ryders testicles to show to my MedTerm students.  When I went to pick Ryder up, the vet had put his testicles in a little jar with some preservative fluid for me to take home.  How cool is that???

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