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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Class of 2012

I will admit...the Class of 2012 was a little bit special to me.  There were 50 graduates this year.  Out of the 50, I counted only 4 that I had not had as students.  This was my first group of 8th graders from my first year here.  Many of them I had taught in multiple classes throughout their time at BRHS.  One of them caught my carpet on fire in my classroom (who puts carpet in a science room anyway?), one of them was the only student I've ever known about to write very nasty things about me online,one of them motivated me to push for and finally persuade my principal to let me teach a few new science electives, one of them moved here from Vegas the same year as me, one of them just may have known more about science then me, one of them stayed up late with me on a band trip talking about our mothers, one of them I busted coming to school smelling like pot, a couple of them rebuilt my snow machine engine for me in shop class, several of them took every class that I've taught, several of them were part of the Boy Scout troop that I taught an Environmental Science badge to, serval of them almost didnt make it, but pulled through. Over the years, I had good times and struggles with this group, but through the good and the bad, they made it!

It was a very nice ceremony with lots of smiling faces and ping pong balls.  Yes...ping pong balls.  As each student went up to receive their diploma, they each carried a ping pong ball in their hand which the handed off to the principal as she shook their hands.  I dont think BRHS will be the same without this group of kids, but I wish them all the best as they head out to their next new adventure.

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