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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Hey Girl! Inservice day.

Back in January when we were supposed to be going back to school after Christmas break, the school had a major sewer pipe that was frozen and we couldnt return to school on time.  We have had a very rough winter with more that 6 weeks of -30 degree ambient temps.  The school tried and tried to fix the frozen pipe but just couldnt do it while the temps continued to dip so low.  Day after day, school was cancelled and we ended up with nearly a month off for Christmas break.

All of these days off, however, mean that we have had to add make up days to the school calendar.  Today is one of them.  Today's site inservice day was originally scheduled for a weekday, but in an effort to avoid adding days to the end of the year, we made the original day a student day and moved our site inservice to a Saturday.  Saturday, May 5th to be exact.  Today.

This morning I woke up begrudgingly from the sound of the alarm clock on a Saturday morning.  Adding insult to injury, I looked out of the window to see big huge fluffy flakes of snow falling down. We had a light dusting of snow on the ground by the time I left for work.  I had to get out the snow brush and brush off the windows of the truck.  Did I mention that it is May 5th?  Yes.  Today.  May 5th, we had MORE snow.

Some days (like today), you just need a little light humor to make fun of your own situation.  A few months ago, I found this website called Hey Girl! This site uses pictures of hot guys and teaching lingo in a funny way that takes the edge off some days.  Anyone can submit picture/quotes to the site and it is managed by a girl who is a future teacher.  Sometimes when I'm having a bad day or I'm just a little bogged down by the demands of teaching, I go to this site and it eases the pain just a little.  If you're a teacher, check it out and you might get a little giggle just when you needed it :)

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