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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Our Art Show

On the last night of class, we had an art show. We displayed all of our visual art. We wore our new kuspaqs. We sang. We danced. We read poems. We played drums. It was awesome.
Above are our self portraits. Mine's not in this pic. I forgot to take a pic of the wall where mine was hanging. Below is my self portrait painted on silk. It doesnt look anything like me, but it was a super fun project.
This is us doing our Yup'ik song and dance.
Below is the K-3 group doing a dance about liquids, solids, and gasses. Our theme was integrating art and culture into science.
Next is the 4-7 group doing a WED dance. WED stands for weathering, erosion, and deposition.
Here we are singing an African song.
And here is my group doing a dance about the 4 macromolecules of life...lipids, carbs, proteins, and nucleic acids.
This was our ending...the double helix.
Here is another song we learned. During this song, I was drumming.
Here is our whole group, including our teacher leaders and Tlingit guest speakers.
This was a community art project that we completed as a group. All of the teachers worked on this silk painting that will be displayed somewhere in Juneau. It turned out awesome!!! I totally want to do silk painting with my students.
These are the teachers that I shared a dorm with over the two week course. Erin was my roommate and the other two, Pam and Mary, were in the other room in the suite.
These were the teachers from our school district, LKSD. We have the largest group because LKSD is the partner in the grant the funds the art institute.
These were our teacher leaders. They are represented in the silk painting on the totem pole. We came up with Alaskan animals to symbolize them on the totem. The base of the totem was the lady who organized and kept track of the whole institute. Next up was the lady who taught about brain research and music. Next up was the guy who taught us about movement. Next up was the lady who taught us visual art. And on the top is the lady who taught us about native culture.
The institute was amazing and I learned soooooo much. I cant wait to go back and do some of what I learned in my classroom with my students. First day of school is about 10 days. My first day back to work is on Monday. Can't believe summer is over already. It went by soooo fast.

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