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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

13 done, 17 to go

Number 12 on the birthday list in complete. I stayed in the state of Alaska for the entire summer this year. It's actually kind of weird to think back on the summer and realize that I never left...not even once...not even for a minute. Here's a recap of my super insanely fast paced summer...

weeks 1/2- took a class in bethel
week 3- prep for summer science camp
week 4/5-taught summer science camp
week 6-travelled around alaska with Kass
weeks 7/8-taught summer science camp
week 9- half relaxing in bethel, half having fun in juneau
weeks 10/11-art institute in Juneau

Summer seemed ridiculously short this year, but I think it was because I was so busy. When I look back on it, I actually did quite alot! Now it's time to start making plans for next summer!

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