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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Marimba Time!!!

As a part of the Art Institute, a local art studio set up a marimba workshop for us. So, we spent 2 hours on Saturday learning how to play these African instruments. We learned a song from Zimbabwe. It's kind of like a xylophone, but with wooden bars. Above-I'm playing the big bass marimba. Below-learning how to play the lead.
Learning, learning, learning...doing art, art art. I've learned so much about the arts over the last week. And I've had a TON of fun doing it. Can't wait to get back to school and start sharing all I've learned with my students.
I wanted something more challenging, so she taught me the lead. It was more challenging, but I got it eventually. I sure would love to have these instruments to teach with in school. It's about $10,000 for a complete set.
Take some time to goof off too!!! Here's the song we learned....enjoy!


Tamara said...

Good for you! We have an Orff ensemble at school (it's an elective class) with the same/similar instruments--all types of percussion, xylophones, etc...the kids love them, and many times it's surprising the musical talent that comes through.
It would be a great thing to get at your school if you could swing it---maybe write a grant?

Cindi said...

good job!!!!!how fun...thx for sharing