"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just busy and tired

School has started. So far it has been great. I did two really super fun science activities for the first two days and the kids enjoyed them very much. Things are moving fast again. I have so much to do and not enough time to do it. Once I get home, I am beat. I've tried to blog a couple of nights this week, but always end up nodding off at my computer. I'm working on building my teaching stamina back up again. Right now my stamina is still pretty low. I'm still getting into the swing of regular day to day life again. I'll try to get back on the blogging band wagon soon. I have alot of blog posts in mind. Lots to share, just to busy and tired to sit down and write.


The Mensch's said...

I hear that! I feel the same as you do... Thank You for the package the kids love their science shirts! Falen wanted to wear his all day and it goes past his pants/shorts, he's crazy... Avery is safe at home? Did he have fun in Ohio? Tell him we all said "HI!" Talk to you later just wanted you to know we got the package and it was sooo nice of you to think of them. We love you!

Reese-E said...
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