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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to it!

Spring break flew by and it's back to the daily grind again. It's really nice to have spring break. This is just the time of year when all the kids and teachers get antzy and start to wear on each other. After having a break, everyone comes back refreshed and ready to tackle the end of the year head on. I have so much to do between now and the end of the year. I have to get my curriculum planning done for my classes and do some ordering of supplies for next year. I have to pack up my entire classroom because my wing is being remodeled this summer. I have to finish all of my assignments for the Alaska culture class that I'm taking. (I only have two more to go though, I got two done over break). I have to find a summer job so that I can start working right away when I get home. I have to sign up for my Alaska studies class and do that over the summer. I have to figure out what I am going to do about my apt and truck while I am gone for the summer. Not to mention, just the regular daily tasks of teaching, raising a child, and taking care of a house. Only 73 days to do it all before we get on a plane and fly outta here for awhile.

I didn't really do much over spring break. I had thought about going to Anchorage, but Avery went to that wrestling tournament in Fairbanks, so I decided to stay home. I did watch a bunch of movies, got two assignments done for my college class, made some phone calls, surfed the internet, graded some papers, did my taxes (and a couple other people's too), hung with some friends, cooked, cleaned, and read a couple books.

I finally caught a glimpse of the aurora (northern lights). I was nothing spectacular, just a little white shadowy thing dancing through the night sky off to the northeast.

Latest reads...
The Joy Luck Club
by Amy Tan. This was a really great book that took an interesting look at relationships between mothers and daughters. It was a glimpse into the life of first generation Chinese Americans and what it is like to be an immigrant in America. The most interesting thing about this book was the portrayal of the way in which the decisions that we make in our lives can affects the lives of our family members for generations to come.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. I told myself that I wouldnt read another of his books, but this one found its way to me through a friend who asked if I could drop it off at the library next time I went. Well, I didnt go to the library for a couple days and eventually picked it up and read it. It was the same as all of the other Nicholas Sparks novels that I've read...extremely average. The story was average and the writing was average. I wont read another of his books.

Sunlight update...
We are currently at 11hours and 26 minutes of daylight. We are gaining between 5minutes 40seconds and 5 minutes39seconds each day. I think we have officially maxed out on the amount of time it is possible to gain each day. I can not express with enough enthusiasm how much having daylight means. It is wonderful...something that I will forever appreciate since living here. Now that we have switched to daylight savings time, it is light out past 9pm, which makes it very hard to get to bed at night. Today the sun rose at 9:13 and set at 8:39. It's great!

Lost time update...
BTW, I found out that the clocks were, in fact, losing time because of power surges. Or, more specifically, inconsistent power supply from the powerplant. Our powerplant uses diesel fuel to generate electricity. My clocks gain about a minute every other day or so. We had a power outage for several hours today and so all the clocks have now been reset, so we'll see if they still jump ahead.

Here are some pics of Avery's spring break fun! He and the kids from the neighborhood built snow caves for days. I've been trying to post a video of Avery and Bailey playing in the snowcave, but I cant get it to load.


Mr. Kale Iverson said...

Wow, I thought I had a lot of crap to do, let me know when you find a program for summer school, I'll take it with you (as long as its online) then maybe we can divide the work!

Kassia said...

The Joy Luck Club--definitely one of the best books I have ever read. I couldn't put it down. I read it back in high school and loved it. I also think the movie is great too.