"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

37 Things to Do Before I turn 38

Volunteer for Librivox
Complete 12 sections in my Bible study workbook
Publish my book
Yoga class/yoga in the park
Sew myself a wearable garment
Read 5 more books off this list or this list
Play Zelda
Make butter or cheese
Host a multiple course dinner party
Make colored ice balls for winter
Take a class
Run a 5K
Get under 175 pounds
Read Mitchner's Poland
Segway tour
Alphabet pictures
Make a time capsule
Write thank you notes just because
Get past 10 push ups
Go to a horse race
Tour a brewery
Make a 2014, 2015, and 2016 photo albums
Catch and eat fish
Host a game night
Go skiing somewhere local
Finish the Game of Thrones books
Watch the Game of Thrones series
Go on an Indiana wine tour
Make pottery
Host a backyard BBQ party
Find out about my grandmothers grave
Refinish my grandmothers desk
Lose 15 pounds
Ride a hot air balloon
Make a prayer board
Snorkel somewhere new
Learn to Scuba
Attend a cherry blossom festival
Find out what Purdue has to offer
Check out a local trail
Take a dance class
Medieval Times
Attend a local festival or concert
Learn to play an instrument
Volunteer for a local organization
Attend a church event
Attend a wine and canvas event
Take a walk in a local woods or nature preserve
Subscribe to a magazine
Write out a life plan or make a goal board
Use the Duolingo app to learn some polish
Visti a botanic garden in Michigan
Decoupage something
Have a water balloon or water gun fight
Go on an adventure on the water
Make wine, beer, or other spirit
Make all my t-shirts into a quilt
Have a spa day
Go to a new haunted house
Send cards for a random holiday
Forage for wild food
Go to the drive in with Eric
Write or call a politician
Write a love letter
Go on an adventure in nature
Have a solo picnic in the park
Complete my couch to 5K app
Ride a new roller coaster
Climb a tree
Stay at a bed and breakfast
Go camping just us
Raise my credit score
Read a work book
Save for a down payment on a house
Pay off my credit card
Visit the Ohio house for some updates
Look over the edge of the quarry
Go camping by myself
Visit Chesterton
Pay off my credit card
Get approved for a homeowners loan
Play Settlers of Catan with the expansion pack
Sleep in a Tiki Hut over the South Pacific Ocean
Visit the Southern Hemisphere
Get married!
Take Alyssa on an adventure
Finish Harry Potter with William
Explore more Chicago beach parks

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